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Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

This podcast does not cover important mental health issues such as depression and anxiety...FALSE. They do not just cover these issues, they dive right into them like the prestigious bald eagle swooping down on its prey to pry it from the grips of nature.

FACT...These estrogen filled humans do not just discuss mental health, they also review an array of interesting and unique talking points. There have been many exceptional topics discussed in this audio exchange of information. Including, but not limited to: Mediums, angel numbers, qualified therapy, loss and grief, love after loss, the enneagram, gaslighter/denier, and the pandemic’s effect on healthcare workers.

A cross-sectional study has determined that listening weekly to The Unqualified Therapists will enhance your biological existence. 9 out of 10 listeners have reported substantial improvements in communication, emotional management, self acceptance, and hunting/gathering skills.

I, like many others, have dramatically transformed my life thanks to the benefits of unqualified therapy. After I enthralled my ears with the sound waves of Amy and Sarah, I was propelled into the most distinguished position in all of business...Assistant (to the) Regional Manager. Soon after my promotion, I was honored with the award of upmost salesman of my paper company. Out of all my company’s regions, I alone reign supreme. Do you also want to be unrivaled in life? Of course you do. So listen to their enchanting voices.

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Unqualified Therapists Inc.