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My favorite podcast!

This is by far my favorite podcast to listen to. I love the mix of serious and funny topics. I’ve enjoyed every podcast even if I thought it was something I wasn’t interested in. Sarah and Amy have a way of pulling you in and making you want to listen to whatever they want to talk about. Love it!

My favorite podcast

This is my absolute favorite podcast! The topics are so important. Everyone needs to listen to these everyday stories and advice. It’s such a great mixture of research and experts plus the amazing chemistry of Amy and Sarah together. It’s fun, informative, and most of ALL RELATABLE!!!

Love this show!

I was suggested this show by a friend, and I truly enjoy it so much! The content is amazing and I get so many gems from it. My only critique is that the background music is somewhat distracting and takes away from the conversations. Maybe it’s just me, but I wanted to share because at times it pulls me from really absorbing the conversation. Still love the show though!


Great podcast normalizing mental health. Keep it coming ladies 💕


Love this podcast and the raw way they talk about such typically taboo topics.


Amy and Sarah are the best! Straightforward, funny, and engaging. I’m excited to see what they do next!!

we all need some help

these are great! we all need a little support

A fan

Oh my gosh! I totally loved your episodes they are so hilarious 😆


This is a great podcast

“My people”

So I am totally stealing your Election Day line! “My people” is the best way for me to describe these amazing ladies! Like so many, I was born into a family of several generations struggling with the unknowns of trying to live a full life without all the tools or resources needed for a thriving mental health. I’ve been the talker and annoyed so many trying to rid the stigma...but these ladies have broke thru barriers like no other. Their courage may never be recognized to the level it deserves but don’t ever doubt the influence of the humble work you are doing.

So good

Amy and Sarah are amazing. They’re so real and honest, and the topics they cover truly make you self reflect. Their episodes also open up conversations that I probably wouldn’t have had with others prior to listening to this podcast.

Always look forward to it

I could listen to these two all day. I appreciate that I learn from them and commiserate with them each episode. You can’t underestimate how it feels when someone says out loud what you’ve been feeling but couldn’t put words to it. My favorite is the enneagram episode!

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

This podcast does not cover important mental health issues such as depression and anxiety...FALSE. They do not just cover these issues, they dive right into them like the prestigious bald eagle swooping down on its prey to pry it from the grips of nature. FACT...These estrogen filled humans do not just discuss mental health, they also review an array of interesting and unique talking points. There have been many exceptional topics discussed in this audio exchange of information. Including, but not limited to: Mediums, angel numbers, qualified therapy, loss and grief, love after loss, the enneagram, gaslighter/denier, and the pandemic’s effect on healthcare workers. A cross-sectional study has determined that listening weekly to The Unqualified Therapists will enhance your biological existence. 9 out of 10 listeners have reported substantial improvements in communication, emotional management, self acceptance, and hunting/gathering skills. I, like many others, have dramatically transformed my life thanks to the benefits of unqualified therapy. After I enthralled my ears with the sound waves of Amy and Sarah, I was propelled into the most distinguished position in all of business...Assistant (to the) Regional Manager. Soon after my promotion, I was honored with the award of upmost salesman of my paper company. Out of all my company’s regions, I alone reign supreme. Do you also want to be unrivaled in life? Of course you do. So listen to their enchanting voices. I suggest that you rate this podcast, leave a review, subscribe, download, share, listen weekly, like them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram, join their Patreon, and become a full fledged warrior. Best Regards, D.K.S. P.S. Ryan started it

12/10 recommend!

Amy & Sarah seriously give me life. I’m a mail carrier so I’m in my thoughts all day at work. Listening to podcasts get me through the work day. When I came across unqualified therapists, knowing Amy from friends, I wasn’t sure what to expect. BUT I LOVE IT! Thank you ladies for the humor, the raw truth & most importantly normalizing that life isn’t perfect, it’s how you get through life (with therapy 🤣) & who is with you along the way. 💕

These two are EVERYTHING!

I am new to podcasts and have to say that I’ve become a bit spoiled listening to these two fabulous ladies. I always end up laughing and crying every episode. All of the topics are timely and while most are serious.... Amy and Sarah know how to lighten the mood with their incredible sense of humor. I like that this podcast has the feel of a conversation between friends. I appreciate the honesty and candor that these ladies bring to every episode.

Honesty ... Transparency ... Humor

These warriors are bearing all the fears, heartaches and challenges life can throw at you. You won’t be disappointed.


Everything you guys talked about I was like yeeeeeeaaasssss! It all hit close to home and I really enjoyed it! I have tried all kinds of podcast to keep my attention and they never do. When I listened to this podcast I never checked once how much longer it was, I always do that when listening to podcast. I enjoyed it so much, it made me feel understood even though I was listening to someone else speaking their truth, if that makes sense.

Honest, humorous and relatable

I listen to a lot of Podcasts with two hosts. Some work and some don't. Amy and Sarah work. They do a great job of striking a balance between their personal stories/banter and informative interviews. They broach tough topics with humor and honesty while still giving space for others who may be in the midst of coping and grieving or have a different perspective. Great job. I look forward to more episodes!

The real deal

These ladies are honest with no sugarcoating. The topics are real and relatable. It’s like talking to your best friends over drinks.