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Unqualified Therapists Inc.

Hire the UT's

Sarah & Amy Bring Expertise, Experience, & Entertainment to Your Event

Are you looking for a compelling speaker for your next event?  Sarah and Amy's experience in the mental health field paired with their creative media expertise makes them the perfect choice for your next speaking engagement.  Choose from a wide array of topics to educate and inspire your group.

  • Healing From Trauma 
    • Learn the top five things the ladies have learned in their journeys of healing through Trauma.  It's been a long road full of quicksand, potholes, hidden snakes, and disconnected valleys; but they have navigated the road and made it to the other side.  In this hour talk, they share just how they did it and how you can too.
  • The Edge
    • Experiencing Trauma can give you an edge.  It's all in how you use it that counts.  Each woman has learned the hard way and they're ready to share their experiences on how to be powerful, empathetic, and magnetic because of it all.

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