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Jan. 26, 2021

Episode 13: Kids Say The Smartest Things: Parenting with Mental Illne…

Conspiracy theories from an 11 year old, musings from a 10 year old, and tales from the quitters chair. You don't want to miss th…

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Jan. 21, 2021

Bonus Episode: Inauguration Day for 46th President Joe Biden

What. A. Day. We share our feelings on Amanda Gorman, JLo, the anti-Biden camp, and the President himself. We talk about wanting …

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Jan. 19, 2021

Episode 12: Covid CONFIDENTIAL: An Insider Look

Buckle up because this one is a wild ride. From Amy taking up bar dancing and Sarah defined as Cookie Monster, we talk all things…

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Jan. 12, 2021

Episode 11: Gaslighter; Denier

Whew this episode is more loaded than a bacon cheddar potato skin. Drop in as we discuss Gaslighting, Red Herring, and more metho…

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Jan. 7, 2021

Bonus Episode Jan 6, 2021: Coup at the Capitol

**This was a live-streamed episode**  WTF happened today? What does this mean for the future of our country? We're all figuring i…

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Jan. 5, 2021

Episode 10: Word Up: What's Your Word for 2021?

Let's face it, New Year Resolutions statistically don't work. And when they go down the crapper, we feel bad about ourselves. Wha…

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Dec. 29, 2020

Episode 9: What a decade this year has been: 2020 Wrap!

Our most laid back episode yet! Grab your wine, juice, weed, or water and hang with us as we discuss the lighter side of things f…

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Dec. 22, 2020

Episode 8: Can I Have Yo Number? A Look Into the Enneagram

What motivates you on a very deep level? Do you know the path you need to take, to lift you to your highest level of self-actuali…

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Dec. 15, 2020

Episode 7: Dating After Trauma: A Widow's Love Story

Amy has two beautiful love stories. Listen in as we tell you about the Chapter 2 Love. Mike, Amy's Chapter 2 love, shares his …

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Dec. 1, 2020

Episode 6: Infant Loss: Frankie's Story

Frankie has helped so many people despite the fact she didn't make it to meet everyone outside of her warm and comfortable home i…

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Nov. 24, 2020

Episode 5: COVID - What DIVOC is going on?

Can I get an AMEN that COVID is awful and super confusing? Grab your glass of red wine (or preferred drink) and listen in as we n…

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Nov. 17, 2020

Episode 4: It's not Scare-apy!

Have you been wanting to try traditional therapy but you're too nervous? Join us to de-mystify counseling as we speak with certif…

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Nov. 12, 2020

Episode 3: Happy 11:11 Day! The Meaning Behind Numbers

Do you see 11:11 on the clock and make a wish? Is there a number that seems to pop up for you everywhere? Join us and our guest A…

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Nov. 10, 2020

Episode 2: Mediums: Skeptic? or Supporter?

Grief plays out in many ways. This episode explores the path of speaking with those who have passed on as Amy meets with a Medium…

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Nov. 5, 2020

Episode 0: Who Are These Bitches Anyway?

Why do these chicks think they can give you advice? Get a peek into what to expect from this Podcast!

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Nov. 3, 2020

Episode 1: Election Day Anxiety

What do you do when the whole country is experiencing anxiety? How do you diffuse aggressive conversations? Amy and Sarah offer t…

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