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Aug. 4, 2022

E 92: Take a Trip with Us: Psilocybin Part 2 Sarah’s Experience

Hello Warriors! We are back for the conclusion of our story sharing Sarah's experience with psilocybin. This episode dives deep into the details of Sarah's trip. She shares all the things she saw, the things she became, the people she …

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July 28, 2022

E: 91 Take a Trip with Us: Psilocybin Part 1

Sarah finally reveals her story that led her to psilocybin or more commonly known as "Magic Mushrooms." In part 1 we discuss the myriad of research that Sarah did to decide if this was the right medicine for her. We …

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July 21, 2022

E 90: Small Shifts to Elevate Your Life with Leah Pardee

What do you desire? What is on the other side of your comfort zone? Why do we self sabotage? How do we elevate our life to authentic living? Leah Pardee shares with us her journey to a life lived in …

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July 14, 2022

E 89: Just Say No

No. It is a complete sentence, but for most of us, it is nearly impossible to spit it out. Why is it so difficult to say no? When should we say no? And then, how do we say no? Learning …

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July 7, 2022

E 88: Ask Dr. Katie

This week, listeners ask Dr. Katie Stewart their questions about mental health in their daily lives. Questions range from workplace stress, friendships with those who have differing viewpoints, and the recent uptick in ADHD diagnoses in adults. As usual...

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July 7, 2022

TRAILER Unqualified Therapists

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June 30, 2022

E 87: What the F*ck is Actually Happening?

What the F*ck is Actually Happening? It has been a rough week, Warriors. Everyday we seem to wake up to another news story that seems like it belongs in a fictional movie or Margaret Atwood novel. We jumped back in …

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June 23, 2022

E 86: Part 2 The Dangerous World of Internet Spirituality: Bentinho M…

Bentinho Massarao first came my way by someone who survived his abuse. Jade had joined his spiritual community and I followed along on her journey (as we do these days) on Instagram. You can hear her full story on one …

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June 16, 2022

E 85: PART 1 The Dangerous World of Internet Spirituality: Teal Swan …

Teal Swan has come into the spotlight recently from a docuseries on Hulu called The Deep End; as well as from a detailed account from a reporter in his podcast series called The Gateway. Her fringe techniques for "healing" have …

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June 9, 2022

E 84: Narcissistic Personality Disorder & Gaslighting: Unqualified Me…

This is our final episode in "The Unqualified Meet the Qualified" with Dr. Katie Stewart where we try to unpack some of the most well known to the most confusing mental illnesses. We hope that this series helped educate you …

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May 26, 2022

E 83: Real Talk Safe & Uncensored with Gloria Ward

We are LIVE this week with the I'm Loving Me Project's Gloria Ward. We discuss relationships, friendships, and parenting and how these all encompass our mental health journey. It is real, safe and uncensored. We hope you will join us …

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May 19, 2022

E 82: PTSD & CPTSD: The Unqualified Meet the Qualified

PTSD and CPTSD...That is a lot of letters. It also takes up a lot of pages in the DSM. We unpack these two: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on this episode with Dr. Katie Stewart. …

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May 12, 2022

E 81: Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia: The Unqualified Meet the Qu…

This one is near and dear to my heart. For years, I lived in fear of anyone finding out my husband had Bipolar Disorder. It was the loneliest time of my life. I never want anyone else to have to …

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May 5, 2022

E 80: The Unqualified Meet the Qualified: Anxiety and Depression

Every month, week, and day is focused on mental health awareness here at the UT, but for the rest of the world, May is the official Mental Health Awareness month. We are bringing you a series of episodes this month …

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April 28, 2022

E 79: Conrad Roy & Michelle Carter: Beyond the Headline

*Trigger warning: This episode contains discussion surrounding suicide and suicidal ideation. This week’s episode proved to be one of our most difficult for us. The complexities, layers, and perspectives surrounding a person’s mental illness and suicide ...

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April 21, 2022

E 78: Origin Story: Why We’re Qualified to Be Your Unqualified Therap…

"You think you know but you have no idea." No, this isn't an episode of MTV's Diary but you get the point. In this episode we dive into who we are, why we're here, and why we're qualified to be …

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April 14, 2022

E 77 Magic Pill: Spoiler-There Isn’t One

Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a "Magic Pill" to cure all of our mental health struggles and mental illnesses? SPOILER ALERT: That is FALSE. (A little "Office" humor) Since there isn't one, we decided to share our tool …

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April 7, 2022

E 76: Normalizing Death

Death is inevitable for all of us, for everyone we love, and for the loved ones of of our family and friends. Often when someone dies we don't know what to do. We might not know how to make arrangements …

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March 31, 2022

E 75 The Overwhelmed Brain: Why traditional planning is failing women?

Do you feel like you are juggling too many things? Are you wearing ALL the hats? Are you exhausted at the end of the day, but feel like you didn't get anything done? Is the list of things you still …

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March 24, 2022

E 74: Walk the Line

Complex PTSD is something neither one of us had heard of until one of us got the diagnosis. That can often be how it goes, but instead of being scary, it put a name to all the symptoms and emotions. …

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March 17, 2022

E 73: Evolution Baby!

Holy sh*t have we learned so much these last 18 months! We've talked to so many survivors, experts, Warriors, and leaders and have felt the impact of this on our own lives and healing processes. With that being said, we …

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March 10, 2022

E 72: From Survive to Thrive: Katie’s Story of Thriving After a Child…

*Trigger warning that this episode contains discussion about sexual abuse. Please take care when listening. We revisit one of our most powerful episodes this week. Listen in to Katie Maloney's story of not only surviving, but thriving after 18 years …

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March 2, 2022

Episode 71: Hysterical Women

Sarah and Amy sit down to kick off Women's History month with a lively conversation surrounding women's issues that are not talked about enough. They break down the hilarious stand up of Sasheer Zamata why tampon commercials are doing a …

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Feb. 24, 2022

E 70: A Conversation with The Qualified Therapist: Dr. Katie Stewart

Psychologists and Therapists are real people too. We get a chance to talk with Katie Stewart (she only makes her family call her Dr.) on what it means to be on the other side of the table. We know you …

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