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April 27, 2023

E 123: Past Life Regression: A Conversation with a Hypnotist

E 123: Past Life Regression: A Conversation with a Hypnotist

Warriors….you are in for a wild and amazing ride this week on the podcast. Both Sarah and I are extra excited about this one. 
We believe the Universe brings people to us exactly when we need them. Our guest this week is Jina Seer. I stumbled upon he...

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Warriors….you are in for a wild and amazing ride this week on the podcast. Both Sarah and I are extra excited about this one. 

We believe the Universe brings people to us exactly when we need them. Our guest this week is Jina Seer. I stumbled upon her Podcast, Past Lives & The Divine and became mesmerized. After listening to just a few episodes, I scheduled an appointment to explore my own past lives and hear from my higher self. It was one of the most healing experiences for me in a time that I needed it the most. 

In this episode Jina explains hypnosis, past lives, and so many other magical things. We even learn why Sarah keeps running into alligators!  You don’t have to be a believer in all things spiritual, magical, and past lives to enjoy this episode. It is a fascinating conversation grounded in healing and growth. 


A little more about Jina:  

Jina has been helping people get in touch with their true nature since 2002 through various roles, projects, and companies. Currently Jina facilitates experiences where clients can learn from past life memories in ways that can help make the most of this life, today. 

She also helps people connect with and experience the eternal, unconditional, earthly, ancient love from their Angels and Spirit Guides so they can feel more love, peaceful, whole, worthy, and powerful.

Jina is the co-creator of The Hypnotic Arts Training. Check out the training here

Learn even more about Jina, her work, and how to set up an appointment on her website: Past Lives & The Divine


Warriors, we hope you enjoy the episode.


Amy & Sarah


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Sarah Simone (00:00.851)
 welcome back everyone to another episode of the Unqualified Therapist.

Jina (00:02.926)

Sarah Simone (00:18.699)
Does it feel like you've heard this before? Have you maybe listened to this in a past life? She is making past life jokes. We have been trying to get this interview for months and months and months, and I always believe everything happens at perfect timing. And so I am so excited that we have Gina with us today. She is a hypnotist. She specializes in past life regression. I know her.

Jina (00:24.334)

Sarah Simone (00:44.055)
I don't know how I found her, which is again, one of those things that how does that happen? It just does because it's supposed to. And I actually did a past life regression with Gina. I had a really important part of my life and it was super helpful and incredible and I will share about that later. But we are so interested in all the things that you do. So we are so excited that you're here. Welcome. Thank you for taking the time to join us.

Jina (01:10.574)
Thank you. I am excited to be here. I love talking about past life regression, well hypnosis, but past life regression specifically. And even really, I love hearing like questions of people who have not really done it or not heard a ton about it. It kind of grounds me because I've been doing it for five years, I guess. So yeah, I can't wait to hear your questions.

Sarah Simone (01:33.771)
That's amazing. Well, I'm like a giddy little, like, I'm so excited over here. So I'm going to have all of the questions because I haven't gotten to do it yet. But I've been so interested in it. And I've just been, it's been brought up in my life in like little spurts. And I think that that's how it was meant to happen. Like somebody says something here, somebody said something there. And then I read this book. And then you get curious. And get curious. And then, you know, things start to happen. So I think if someone had said to me,

Jina (01:36.75)

Jina (01:52.59)

Sarah Simone (02:01.195)
five or six years ago, I would have been like, you have one life. What? Exactly. Right? Yeah.

Jina (02:04.75)
I know. Yeah. Yeah. People think that because they'll say like past life regression. And I feel like people will understand like the idea of a past life. But then they're like, what what is regression and like, why would we care? You know? Yeah.

Sarah Simone (02:21.536)
Right, right, exactly. Let's just start like high level here. How did you get into this? How did you start with hypnosis and becoming interested in past lives?

Jina (02:32.782)
Oh my gosh, it's kind of a long story. Like you mentioned, Sarah, it's like a little nugget here, a little push there, you know, that sort of thing. So I actually started out like during college, I started in the wellness industry. So I was like a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and then I eventually migrated to more of like a consultant role, corporate consulting, like presenting public speaking, that sort of thing.

Sarah Simone (02:38.371)

Jina (02:59.182)
But I always worked one-on-one with clients, even when it wasn't like the bulk of my business. And so the way I work with people is like, and even the way I work with people now as a hypnotist, was always trying to figure out like a deeper reason. You know, like in the wellness field, we all know fruits, vegetables, water, move your body. But like, why aren't we doing that? So I was always like digging deeper. And then myself personally, I always struggled with like codependency, anxiety, those sort of things. So.

Jina (03:28.302)
personally on my own. I was like reading self-help books and reading about joy and neuroplasticity and all of that stuff. So I eventually ended up seeing a hypnotist. What's so wild and like divinely guided is I was sending people to this one hypnotist before I had ever experienced hypnosis myself. It was just like I always...

Jina (03:53.454)
I just always had this like trust in it, oddly enough, even though I had never done it. And so my partner at the time, his mom, I had gotten them to go to a hypnotist and then I was struggling with anxiety and I was like, you know what, I'm going to go and see this. And at the time it was literally just for anxiety and I didn't know much about past life regression at all, never really even thought about it. And so I went there, we did a lot of hypnosis and worked.

Jina (04:20.302)
in this life, this current life, all the way back into the womb, which is a cool experience. But just kind of digging into beliefs and perspectives that I dug up. And that was great, saw her a bunch, eased some things definitely in my mind and body, but I always felt like there's something deeper, like there's just something deeper to like the flavor of issues

Jina (04:49.646)
a past, a hypnotist who did past life regression locally at the time I was living in Minneapolis. And so I went to him for a past life regression and my mind was blown. And at the time I went because my partner at the time was like, you know, I'm okay if we don't get married, but you seem to have commitment issues. He said it a lot nicer. There was way more experiences to give him the idea that I had commitment issues. And he knows me well enough that he's

Sarah Simone (05:13.052)

Jina (05:19.214)
I'm seeing this in you, just check it out. You might, and I'm like, you know what? I'm going to go into this past life regression with the intention of figuring out like what my commitment issues are. And what was so cool was that like, I not only figured out what was going on there, but I realized that it wasn't a commitment issue. It was a fear of failure. And it's actually episode two of my podcast. I shared, um, pieces of that session and I talk about it. And that to me just.

Jina (05:44.91)
blew me open and it created changes in my mind and my body immediately. Like when I left there and went home, I was different, like in a way that I could probably only notice, but it felt so peaceful and so clear to me. I'm the type of person where I can deal with a lot of stuff and I can deal with even more if I can understand it.

Sarah Simone (06:06.839)
Yes. Yeah.

Jina (06:07.566)
having that understanding and being able to kind of like find my way through it and really understanding what the issue was. It wasn't a commitment issue. It was a fear of failure and those two issues, you're going to go about them differently. So getting that clarity was huge. Um, and then I just continued to do that. I was the type of person where if I went to talk therapy, I would like try to win at therapy, like, I don't know, like I would share problems, but I would like also really wanted to make sure the therapist thought I was doing good. You know, it's like,

Sarah Simone (06:28.006)

Jina (06:35.342)
It never ends. It's so annoying. But in hypnosis, I could like really relax and totally be myself. Like my conscious mind was to the side. So I would continue to went to this. He was actually a therapist who did pass life regression. And I went to him a handful of times. And at that time I was also discovering I hate my wellness career. I hate the business that I've built. I'm totally burned out. And I was...

Jina (07:03.118)
uh, was like, you know what, I'm going to give myself a year to figure out what I want to do. And before that year began, one month before the year began, I was like, maybe hypnosis is what I want to do. And then a big part of me was like, no, you are not going to be a hypnotist. Like what, I just want to go with the flow. I don't want to fight the current, you know, cause I think when people hear hypnotist, they think of like stage, they think of like,

Sarah Simone (07:19.275)

Sarah Simone (07:26.867)
Yes. Yeah.

Jina (07:30.862)
some sort of charlatan who's gonna like, hypnotize your wallet away from you. And it was like, I just want a job. Like I just wanna be a normal person who shows up to their job, whatever. And so I literally resisted that feeling for five solid months. And then I reached out to the hypnotist that I would go to and I asked him like, do you think I would be good at this? Do you think, and this was like five years after I had been a client of his.

Jina (07:55.374)
And he recommended someone, I went to this person for training and that was my first hypnosis training that was, um, summer of 2018. So not quite five years ago. And my mind was blown in that hypnosis training. I couldn't believe all the stuff we could do with hypnosis, not only is past life regression super cool. And I'm way into that, but like all the other things that we can do in hypnosis was just blew my mind. And I, yeah. And so.

Jina (08:22.894)
Then a year after seeing clients, I started a podcast because it was like, everybody was like, what is that? And I was like, you know, why don't I just start a podcast? And now all of my clients come through my podcast, which is really, really cool. Yeah, so that's kind of the story or at least that's the highlights of the story, yeah.

Sarah Simone (08:39.407)
That's amazing. Yeah, that's so cool. And I love that you that that what's the word I'm thinking of limiting beliefs. You had that limiting belief about it. And you know, I can't do this because people think that it's weird or whatever. And then you pushed past it. It has to feel good to push past those types of things. And I think that, you know,

Jina (08:51.79)

Jina (08:56.302)

Jina (09:01.646)

Sarah Simone (09:02.303)
It sounds like it was something that was just, that's what you were meant to do since it was such an interest for you and you were so drawn to it. So that's really cool.

Jina (09:09.294)
And you know, it's so weird though. Like, I don't know if you remember this, but as a kid, we would play this game where it'd be like, okay, pretend like you're laying on a beach. Maybe only future hypnotists did this, but I would get, I would get people to lay down and I'd be like, close your eyes, pretend like you're on a beach. And then I'd run my finger over their arm and I'd be like, and I'm putting sand in it and then they wouldn't be able to get up. And I feel like when I look back, I'm like, I was doing this stuff before I even knew what I was doing.

Sarah Simone (09:30.091)
Yeah. Yeah.

Sarah Simone (09:39.125)
Yeah. I mean, it's kind of like light as a feather, stiff as a board too when you're at sleepovers and yeah, all of that for sure. So do you do hypnosis for other purposes as well with clients or just past life regression?

Jina (09:42.19)
Yes! Yes, yes that!

Jina (09:53.326)
Yeah, so I'm, my main thing is past life regression. It's what people come to me for, but other sessions that I offer is accessing that space between lives, Michael Newton call it the life between lives. I can do with clients divine guidance sessions where they access their higher self or their spirit guides for questions, healings, kind of like an access your own psychic situation, but you're the psychic. You can go to...

Jina (10:21.07)
You can access, like you could go visit ancestors, whether they were here when you were here and have passed on. You can access so much in that hypnotic space, but primarily what I do is when I'm working one-on-one with clients, it's in that past life space. And every once in a while, someone might kind of go rogue and that's totally fine, but primarily that. And then in addition to that, I work with groups. So we'll go exploring. For example, I have a group called Kinship. We meet every month. And that is me over Zoom.

Sarah Simone (10:24.823)

Sarah Simone (10:33.78)

Jina (10:50.03)
like doing a hypnotic journey, everyone's at home relaxing, and then they wake up and we share about it, which is really, really fun. Like, what did you get when you encountered your spirit guides or what did you get in this past life? It's a really fun, yeah, it's so fun to explore and it's healing, which is like just my favorite intersection.

Sarah Simone (10:57.296)
So cool. Yeah. Yeah. I think that my higher self is hilariously sassy. Like I, when we, when she, whoever they, whatever it was, talked to me and said the things, I remember like thinking.

Sarah Simone (11:22.723)
It's the weirdest thing when you're doing this because you're like there but not there and you can like sort, you kind of know what's happening but you don't know what's happening. But anyways, the point of that is talking to your higher self is one of the most powerful things that you can do because it's dropping the knowledge but it's like you but not you dropping it. It's like, I don't even know how to explain it but I learned so much from what my higher self had to say to me.

Sarah Simone (11:50.483)
It was weird. I know it all sounds weird to everybody listening, but it is one of the most healing and cool things I've like ever experienced.

Jina (11:50.606)

Jina (11:59.918)
Yeah, it's like transcendental. A lot of people will, the way people experience like, or share their experiences with psychedelics or stuff like that when they have these life-changing experience, it's similar to that, or at least that's the way it sounds for me.

Sarah Simone (12:02.272)

Sarah Simone (12:08.149)

Sarah Simone (12:15.223)
So can you help our listeners understand what a past life regression is and what that looks like for people? And maybe even past lives. I think that people are interested, but they don't know a whole lot.

Jina (12:21.582)

Jina (12:27.534)
Okay, so first I will start with the hypnosis piece and then I'll go into the past lives piece. So we use hypnosis to access, for example, past life memories because we're working in the subconscious mind when we're working in hypnosis. And the idea is that the subconscious mind holds every memory of everything that's ever happened to us. So if you're freaky enough to believe in past lives, that would include past lives, life between lives, lives on other planets, who knows?

Jina (12:56.59)
So we move into a hypnotic trance, which as the hypnotist, I say in induction, which sounds and feels a lot like a guided meditation. And then you move into that trance space, everyone, it seems like a common thing that people say is like, I didn't feel like I was hypnotized. And I think it's because when we think of hypnosis and we think of that hypnotic trance, we're thinking that we're going to feel out of control. We're going to feel out of it, but real and, and we're going to feel totally different.

Jina (13:26.222)
because oh my gosh, hypnotic trance. But hypnotic trance happens in that brainwave state right before we slip off to sleep. So it is actually a state that we've all been in. If you sleep at night, you go through that state on your way to and from sleep. And some of us even move into it during the day, depending on what we're doing. So all of that is just to say that as the client, most often you feel just incredibly relaxed. And that is where you.

Jina (13:53.998)
should be. And sometimes depending on what happens, it can feel like, Ooh, I maybe didn't remember that piece, you know? And, and that is, I, I chalk that up to these sessions are 90 minutes to two hours long. And if you and I had a conversation for two hours, you would remember basically everything, but you wouldn't remember like every little thing in the same is true in hypnotic trance. You're super relaxed. And actually when you're in that hypnotic trance state,

Jina (14:21.486)
Your conscious mind is there, it's witnessing, but it's so quiet. It's like in the back seat with tape around its mouth. Subconscious mind is like driving and it's having the experience and it's pulling up these memories of past lives. Um, so that can be beneficial. For example, if someone's like, Oh, I feel like I just can't access my joy. Let's go see a past life where you felt joy, easy, effortlessly, automatically. Or someone might say.

Jina (14:49.422)
You know, I really want to figure out this relationship with this one person, or I really want to figure out like why I, I want to feel more purpose in my life. Okay. Let's go see a past life where you were living in your purpose and found out what that meant to you. Um, so it's a way to like access these other parts of ourselves that maybe aren't on display currently, or maybe we're shut down in our childhood or shut down in a different life. Um,

Jina (15:14.798)
So that's why we use hypnosis for that. A lot of times what people will say is like, I had a session with you and it was like, immediately my intuition came online. Like I was able to connect with my intuition. And I think that maybe that is happening, but I am a big believer that like, that is the client's power and they've always had that. The difference is when we're in hypnotic trance, our senses are heightened, we're completely relaxed, completely focused.

Jina (15:43.15)
And we can feel what that intuition feels like. So when we're out of trance, it's even easier to identify it. So to me, that's what's happening there, is like this awakening to like what your intuition actually is. And I say that because I think of intuition as like the invisible phone line to these unseen realms and beings around us. So that's how we use hypnosis in that space. Past lives, are we accessing past lives? My beliefs change on this every few years.

Jina (16:12.878)
Currently where I'm at right now, I feel like everything, time is something we experience because we're on a rotating planet around a star. So I think everything's happening all at once. And so when I dip into a quote, past life, I think, is it happening right now? Yeah, probably. Is it mine? Maybe, maybe I'm just pulling from like the collective consciousness and I'm just pulling out a life that I need to see right now.

Sarah Simone (16:36.174)

Jina (16:38.382)
But it happens spontaneously. I really think of these sessions as divinely guided. Like the client spirit guides, my spirit guides are crafting an experience for the client's highest and greatest good. So that's what I believe. But if you're someone who believes in like a timeline like that, where you do have past lives, where you are reincarnating on some sort of grand timeline, then this is a way to access that. I've also had clients who don't believe in reincarnation. They don't believe in past lives. And then...

Jina (17:07.47)
As the facilitator, I go into it with more talking about like just experiencing a different life, walking a mile in someone else's shoes, getting a different perspective. So you don't necessarily need to have those beliefs of, you know, reincarnation solidly to move and experience these different realms and these memories of other lives.

Jina (17:30.702)
but it's so powerful because you feel that in your body. Like it really feels like you're that person with those perspectives. And that can just like reignite parts of us that we feel like maybe we've lost or never had connection to. And it can give us a sense of real strength and empowerment in this life too.

Sarah Simone (17:50.188)
My brain, like I have like 8 million questions. I have so many things coming to my head. So I just wanted to ask though too, like, do you think it's possible? I have always, I've always since I was younger, I was like, I think I died on the Titanic. Like I say that like over and over again. I've been saying it. I have this like

Jina (17:53.39)
I'm sorry.

Sarah Simone (18:11.615)
I've never been on a big boat. So I don't have a rational fear, but I have this irrational fear of large boats. I have specifically a fear of like the big chains that hold down the anchor of a boat. So there's like specific fears of things that I've never experienced. Is it possible for us to have these flits of things without accessing them through hypnosis, I guess?

Jina (18:34.606)
Yeah. So at the very like basic way to describe it, I describe hypnotic trance as an altered state of consciousness. So you could get there through dance, through drumming, through breathing. You could get there through psychedelics. You could get there spontaneously while you're awake. You could get there in meditation. You can get there in dreams. Like we can access this altered state of consciousness in many, many different ways. And I do believe like when someone has such a feeling like that, Sarah,

Jina (19:04.494)
To me personally, it's like that's you're experiencing something from a past life. Now, does that mean you need to go figure it out? I mean, if it's like blocking your life and you want to, yeah. If you came to me as a client with that, I would say, do you want to go experience that life again? And you might be like, I don't know. You know, it seems kind of scary. Then I would say like.

Sarah Simone (19:25.579)

Jina (19:29.102)
What do you want to experience? Like instead of that fear, what do you want to experience? Maybe you're like, I want to experience like autonomy and freedom and strength and power and self-trust. Let's set that intention. Let's set the intention for the session to experience a past life that'll help you feel more purposeful, strong, empowered today. Then we would go through those past life scenes. And after the death scene, most people go through a death scene every once in a while someone doesn't, it's all very natural. But after the death scene, I like to take my clients and ask,

Sarah Simone (19:32.602)

Sarah Simone (19:41.115)

Jina (19:58.766)
reflective questions on that life. And it's in that space that I would ask, like, why were we shown this past life? Um, I'll ask questions specific to the intention statement that the client had or other questions that they might have for their spirit guides. And so in your situation, I would say, what's the significance of the Titanic and all those fears and all of that. And you'll probably just get like a boop download of like, I did live that life. Like there's no question in my mind. And so that's how I would, I would encounter that. Cause too, it's like.

Sarah Simone (20:11.863)
So in this situation, let's say, what is the significance of the touch lip at the moment? All of that. And you'll probably just get like a tear down all of that and you'll be able to do that. That's my question. And so that's how I would. I would. And that's the two, is like, why would you, unless you really said you were on the phone, why would you do that?

Jina (20:28.206)
Why would you, unless you really like wanted to relive that, like why? Not that you would be traumatized again. You've already lived through it. The worst is over. You're not going to be traumatized again, but like, why don't we go see something happy, you know, most of us need more of that.

Sarah Simone (20:33.406)
Right. Yeah.

Sarah Simone (20:36.759)
Right. Something different. Yeah. Yes, yes. Which kind of leads me to the next question that I had pop into my head, which was, when you're in this state, then, are you able to access that parasympathetic system and actually be able to breathe and relax and feel rested? Even though you're going through a past life, like you're living this other life for a minute.

Jina (20:59.854)
Yeah, what's action-

Jina (21:04.718)
Yeah, yeah. So I would say the vast majority of my clients come in. It doesn't matter what their intention statement is. Most of them see a very simple, plain, ordinary life. And what it's igniting in them is like how simple and beautiful and wonderful life is. And it really kind of helps us with our over productivity and our striving and that sort of thing. Um, oh shoot, Sarah, what was your question? I went off on a tangent there.

Sarah Simone (21:27.679)
No, no, I was saying, can you access that parasympathetic? Because I feel like a lot of us live in fight or flight all the time. So.

Jina (21:32.206)
Okay. Yes. Okay, so what I think is really beautiful about the hypnotic trance state too, is like because it's such a relaxed state, you're able to be relaxed while having this knowledge of something that's going on. If it is a past life where you're like sinking on a boat, you wouldn't be as emotionally triggered. You might feel those emotions and say that was...

Jina (21:59.086)
Say that was something that a client was going through and they were like, Oh, the boat's sinking. And they're like, maybe breathing heavy or crying. I always ask like, what's behind these tears? And if they feel, if it's a negative emotion, if they feel safe to feel it, it's good to let it up and out. You've maybe been storing this inside your etheric body for hundreds of years, you know, and so to let that up and out. Um, another thing too, the subcon. And the subcon and that can make someone feel so light.

Sarah Simone (22:23.192)
got chills.

Jina (22:28.622)
Like a lot of times if a client cries a ton during a session, they'll be like, I feel so light. We've all had that feeling in this life and the same is true when we're in hypnosis. Another thing too, I'll say about that because it's a common question I get of like, what if I'm afraid of what I'm going to see? And the subconscious mind is really there to protect us. It's like that whole idea of like, if I put my hand on a hot burner, my hand is off that burner before my conscious mind is like, that's hot, remove your hand. And some people say that comes from your subconscious mind.

Sarah Simone (22:29.039)

Sarah Simone (22:55.435)

Jina (22:58.67)
And I see that happen in my session. So I had a client who was incredibly visual. You don't have to be visual. I'm not visual to do these journeys, but she was incredibly visual, vivid scenes, giving me a ton of details. And then for the death scene, all black, all black. And I'm like, all right, cool. That's just for us to like go in. How do you feel here? What do you know about what's happening? And she was able to tap into those other intuitive senses of feeling and knowing.

Sarah Simone (23:15.839)

Jina (23:27.502)
And she said, oh, I'm surrounded by a mob of people who are beating me up and that's how I die. And so it was like her subconscious mind was like, we'll give you the information, but you don't need to relive this. And it, and that stuff happens on a really small level in so many different ways in these sessions, but that's a really blatant way of like how we tend to get what we need. Like I said, these are divinely guided. I believe it's what I see every day when I work with clients.

Jina (23:55.054)
So yeah, it's like there's protection there, but then also sometimes it is okay to really sink into those feelings and just like let them up and out.

Sarah Simone (24:03.609)
I would say that in my experience when I woke up it was the most relaxed and calm and peaceful I've ever felt in my entire life. It was just and I feel like the other thing that I had a knowing in a sense the whole time of like everything seemed so small. Right. So it was all like.

Sarah Simone (24:24.339)
It was also giving me perspective, I guess, on my current life. But in there, no matter what I was going through, I was like, oh, this is just a little blip. This is just this. This isn't even, you know, and it's not that it didn't have meaning. It was just it was a very like it's a way that I wish I could look at my life every day, but I but I can't. So I was able to like at this higher level, like just really see things as they are. And that was so comforting.

Sarah Simone (24:51.555)
And I do believe I believe it's divinely guided because no matter where you go, even if that wasn't my life, whatever it taught me helped me to make the decisions and helped me to understand exactly what I needed to know. If you would have told me or you would have told me outside of that, I would have been like, whatever. But like, because it was, you know, I saw this life. I came out of it instead of being like, Oh, life is simple. Like you were saying some people say, I was like, you asked me

Sarah Simone (25:18.647)
or you ask my higher self, I think, well, what did we learn from this? And I was like, that was really boring. Like that was what my higher self said, was like, that was so boring. And it made me appreciate the intricacies of this life I'm living in, and the depth and the hardships and the ups and the downs and all of the things and just so much big stuff because I was regretting it and I hated it. And then I came out with an appreciation. So I don't know, maybe that wasn't a life, I'm not sure.

Sarah Simone (25:48.179)
I kind of believe it was. And I thought, you know, in my mind, at that time, I was like, oh, I wanted to try something different and here's where I landed. Yeah. Not boring. Right. The opposite. Because the life that you witnessed was one where everything went perfectly. It was so peaceful. Peaceful, you had love. There was nothing, the love and it was beautiful. And I had a beautiful partner and kids and everything was just wonderful. But it was like.

Jina (25:57.262)
I'm sorry.

Sarah Simone (26:16.543)
That was the lesson that you asked. And that's the part about this that is so beautiful are the questions and the way you guide it, Gina, because it's so helpful to take you to the right places, to dig into the things that need to be dug into, that when I tried it on my own, it worked as well, but it was not nearly the same experience.

Jina (26:38.446)
Mm-hmm. Yeah. Yeah, because I have free at home past life journeys. If everyone, if anyone's listening and they're like, oh, I'd like to try that out. If you go to past lives and the divine dot com, it's like a pop up and then you can download it. But. It is it's really interesting because we someone can tell us, like, like if I was giving you a past life reading and I was like, you were a warrior in a past life, it'd be like, oh, that's cool.

Sarah Simone (26:50.891)

Sarah Simone (27:04.429)

Jina (27:05.774)
But if you experience that in a hypnotic state, you would feel in your whole being, mind, body, heart, this is what it feels like to be a warrior. These are the fears I have. This is the shit that doesn't matter to me. These are the things I'm focused on. And then when you go through the death scene, you can immediately see, I would do these things different. Or I was really proud that I did these things. And it's so easy to then take that into this life. And I guess that's like a big...

Jina (27:34.734)
part of why I do it is like really having those past life experience so you can make today, like this life better for you. The entertainment piece is fun, but like I really like to bring that integration in and like how can we take this cool experience and like really bring it down into your life today and how that can help you.

Sarah Simone (27:42.238)

Sarah Simone (27:54.448)
So, I have done a psychedelic integration therapy session and discovered some really amazing things, was able to heal some different things. And this, I've just like, I want to make this more accessible. I want to make it more accessible, but you know, laws and everything. So this sounds like a much more accessible way to do something like that. Can you tell us how...

Jina (28:12.43)

Sarah Simone (28:22.367)
that would be a similar experience because I'm not sure if I visited past lives, I think I did. It's such a different thing because you're in this very altered state of mind, a drug altered state of mind. So the things that I experienced were things like I was an alligator and I was a snake and I became these other animals and things. But I was able to feel things that I've never felt before as those creatures.

Jina (28:33.838)
Yeah, yeah.

Sarah Simone (28:49.847)
and realize things that I've never realized before. So I think that that would be an accessible thing with hypnosis. Do you agree or? Okay.

Jina (28:58.126)
Yeah, I do agree. I don't have a ton of psychedelic, I mean, I've done mushrooms a couple of times, but I'm not a super visual person. And to me, it was like, my mind was where it felt like when I was on mushrooms, my mind felt like it feels in hypnotic trance, but I felt more out of control just because in hypnotic trance, like I'm in control. And so with

Sarah Simone (29:16.527)

Sarah Simone (29:22.191)

Jina (29:24.654)
mushrooms, I was like, when is this gonna end? Like, it's fine, but like, when is it gonna end? Like, I'm just such a person who stresses out when I don't know when the end is coming. And so for me, it's easier to relax in that hypnotic setting, like, because I'm at home, I'm not necessarily on any sort of drug, and I don't have any problem with, like, any sort of drug. But for me, that was my experience. But when I hear people's, you know, transcendent experiences with these plant medicines,

Sarah Simone (29:27.715)

Sarah Simone (29:33.308)
Yeah. Right.

Sarah Simone (29:45.471)

Jina (29:54.35)
First of all, I think that like honoring the plant we're ingesting and the historical context in which we know about it from is really, really important. And I really do believe that like different plants can take us on different journeys to even have us meet different like ascended masters or enlightened beings. So there's that whole element to it that I don't have a ton of information on and don't really have any experience with. But when I hear that it's so similar to hypnosis.

Jina (30:23.758)
Except, yeah. Yeah. And to your point, Amy, it is like, if you have, and I'm sure the same is true with psychedelic assisted therapies of like, if you have someone with you holding space, asking questions totally customized to what you're experiencing right now, you're always gonna feel safer. Or hopefully you're with someone you feel safe with.

Sarah Simone (30:47.406)

Jina (30:48.238)
If not, maybe go find someone you feel safe with. But like in that space, we're just going to go farther and explore and learn more. But yeah, I have had odd situations. They're not odd, but they're rare, I guess, in a past life regression where someone will be like, I'm a bird. It's like, cool. What does that feel like? Oh my God. You know, like feel the wind on your wings. You're free, you know?

Sarah Simone (30:50.787)

Sarah Simone (31:05.228)

Sarah Simone (31:11.619)

Jina (31:14.158)
And it'll just be like a scene and then there'll be a human in the next scene. And I don't know what that is, but like, I just love to get curious and be like, no, what does this mean? Why are we seeing this? You know? And then I asked the questions to try to get the client to figure that out, uh, which is really, really fun. So definite overlap there. Yeah, for sure.

Sarah Simone (31:24.263)

Sarah Simone (31:33.599)
That kind of like leads me to one of my questions. And I didn't want to ask you this before I tried it, but like, because I didn't want it to guide me there, but I'm so curious, what are your, what do people most like find when they're doing it? So, you know, like one of them was a bird, but most of them are going to one other life or perhaps it's, I guess, is it, what is like the most common thing that happens?

Sarah Simone (31:57.859)
in these past life regressions? And then the other question is like, I would love to know like the most fascinating one you experienced with someone. Yeah.

Jina (32:07.118)
Oh, okay, okay. So the common experience is that most people see a life, like I said, that's very relaxed and chill and peaceful and potent in a way they're looking for, whether they're looking for love and connection, whether they're feeling like they want more purpose in their life, that would be the theme. But in terms of like people who show up and they're like, I'm here because...

Jina (32:34.766)
It's so bizarre, but again, this shit's all divinely guided. It's like the stuff I'm working on, my clients will show up and be like, I'm really having a difficult part of this life. And it's like, fuck, I'm right there with you. You know what I mean? And it's, it's so, I feel like so lucky because I get this front row seat to like an issue that that's probably different for them. Cause they have a different life and whatever, but like.

Sarah Simone (32:38.349)

Sarah Simone (32:43.572)

Sarah Simone (32:49.039)

Jina (33:00.398)
There's common themes to everything. And I really do believe that even just hearing someone else's past life experience, we can get healing from that. Uh, which is why I started my podcast to share those stories. Like if you're not ready to dive in, or if you're never ready to dive in for sure. Um, so yeah, like the simplicity of it. And it really changes. Like right now, a lot of people are coming in there, either looking for like, just more of a sense of purpose in their life or a sense of connection.

Jina (33:27.022)
And right now I can tell you, like just in this, like this year, let's say since January, those people are seeing, like the people looking for connection are seeing lives where they're connected to other people. But for the most part, they're seeing lives where they're connected to plants and the earth and trees and animals. And it's almost like...

Sarah Simone (33:41.411)
I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this. Hmm... Huh. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this.

Jina (33:49.678)
collectively we're being pushed to like see the divinity in the world around us. Even if you live in a concrete jungle, but there's like a little lilac bush in the corner, like go over there, put your face in it, smell it, talk to it. Like, so that's been really cool and it's something that I feel organically and naturally. And so it's like validating to me to be like, yeah, that's right. Like a way for me to remember that as well. Oh gosh. Okay. So the most like,

Sarah Simone (33:59.119)

Jina (34:15.406)
profound or I don't know how you said it, but the most, most session, I guess the session where I was like, what in the hell is going on? Um, was, was this session where, um, her name is Mary. I shared it on my podcast. I don't remember. It's maybe like episode one 10 or one 11 or something like that, but it's called experiencing light beings. And she went through a past life regression.

Sarah Simone (34:20.099)
.. .. ..

Jina (34:39.534)
went through the death scene, we came out on the other side. So technically she's kind of floating in that space between lives. I mean, we haven't gone through the portal of light or anything like that, but all of a sudden she's like, oh, they're here. And I'm like, okay, like I don't know, but I'm just like blindfolded, essentially trying to guide this client through there. And I'm like, oh, who are they? And she asked, she said the light beings, the light beings who visited me when I was a kid. And she was

Sarah Simone (35:07.17)

Jina (35:07.982)
Talking she started I said can we ask them questions and she said yes we can So I started asking them questions of like what were you doing at the end of her bed when she was a kid? What you know like just the questions that she had wanted me to ask we had discussed before but when I was asking these questions the answer she was giving she was like almost like Talking kind of like it was hard to talk and so I asked her

Jina (35:36.622)
Is it hard to talk to them? How do you feel? And she's like, their energy is so intense. Like I cannot, it's hard for me to think. It's hard for me to talk. And so I said, can you ask them to like put up a shield or step back? We wanna talk to them, but like, I don't want you to feel this way. And then she goes, oh yeah, okay, that's better. And I'm like, this shit that just comes to mind. You know what I mean? And it's like, it's amazing to me how strong our minds are. And it just...

Sarah Simone (35:58.3)

Jina (36:05.518)
also really cements the fact that this is a free will third dimension. Like what we say goes, we are human and spirit. If we say yes, it's a yes. If we say no, get out of here, it's a no, get out of here. If we say step back because your energy is intense, they step back. So that was really, really wild and enlightening. Like so cool. I'll say this too, like I don't know anyone who's been in the client chair more than me. I think I've experienced like over 40 past life regressions at this point.

Sarah Simone (36:33.56)
Oh my gosh. Whoa. Yeah. Whoa. Yeah. I bet. I have never had chills this many times in one interview. I want to know more about this red planet.

Jina (36:34.862)
Yeah, and I'm starting to see, I've seen three different lives on like this red planet and I can't, I don't know if it's past or future. Like to me it just feels like it's all happening at the same time. But that shit has been wild. So wild. Like I can't even believe it. Yeah. Yeah.

Jina (36:55.566)
I'm sorry.

Sarah Simone (37:00.035)
My body is just like, wom, wom.

Jina (37:00.846)
Okay, we're like these eternal beings that are connecting. Maybe we, I'm sure we hooked up in a past life somehow.

Sarah Simone (37:11.011)
Yeah. Oh my gosh. So my thoughts go to I am a very visual person. So when I dream, my dreams are very vivid. I remember a lot of them. When I tripped and did mushrooms, my dreams were, they were so visual to the point where it was things I can't even explain, like patterns. Like I was a pattern kind of deal. So my dreams, I've.

Sarah Simone (37:39.747)
been thinking a lot about this lately, and I'm wondering, and if you can talk to this at all, do you think when we go to a dream state that we are visiting other versions of ourselves or other versions of the timeline, I guess, or if there is the circle of time that we're in, how do you connect dreams and our dream lives with this?

Jina (38:05.742)
Yeah, so I'll back it up even further because I think dreams included, dreams are a part of like this bigger experience of an out-of-body experience. Like I think some people have this idea of like an out-of-body experience is going to like change their life or whatever. And it's like, do you dream at night? You're out of body. Like your awareness is somewhere else. That's what it is, you know? Like your soul leaves your body when you die. But every night...

Sarah Simone (38:22.275)
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Jina (38:30.414)
our awareness travels and it could be just reviewing, you know, garbage thoughts from the day or you might be the type to like visit. I know a couple of people who visit healing rooms and they work in these healing rooms at night and they're just like, I don't know. And I'm like, I don't either, but just like play around with it. Get curious with it. If you're healing people in this healing room in this other dimension while you're sleeping at night, what can you do for yourself in this realm? You know what I mean? So yeah, I totally.

Sarah Simone (38:48.739)

Jina (38:58.798)
I totally believe that. Is everyone doing it? I don't... probably not, but I think we all have the ability to do that. Yeah. That's super cool!

Sarah Simone (39:02.947)
Yeah, like, and I was asking about that too, because I, like I told you, I became an alligator in this psychedelic trip and I've been dreaming about alligators lately. So I'm just like, what is happening? What is the significance of this? Like I had a dream that an alligator gently had me by the foot and was just pulling me gently down like a river.

Sarah Simone (39:31.619)
I wasn't attacking, I didn't feel nervous, I didn't feel scared, I was confused. I was like, what is happening? And I need to get away because this could be a potentially dangerous situation. But I was like, ah, that's all right, I'm okay. And when they let go, you let go of my foot voluntarily and I looked at it and it wasn't injured or anything and I was like, and when I woke up I thought, okay, this is weird, I need to explore this more because this is another connection of, you know, this, I don't know, this realm.

Jina (39:57.998)
Okay, yes, okay, Sarah, so here's how I interpret dreams. Can I ask you a couple of questions about it? Okay, so when I ask these questions, I want you to go with the first thing that comes to your mind. Like don't overthink it, whatever. So I want you to just kind of like shift your awareness in the memory of that dream, shift your awareness to the alligator.

Sarah Simone (40:03.651)
Sure, please, yeah.

Sarah Simone (40:09.731)

Jina (40:22.19)
almost to the point where you could like be right beside his mind, hearing his thoughts, feeling his feelings, or maybe you are the alligator. And doing that, what's the alligator thinking? Feeling? Say more.

Sarah Simone (40:30.467)
Okay. I've got you. I've got you, you're safe. Don't worry, I'm gonna get you there. That's, whoa. Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

Jina (40:45.582)
I have full chills.

Jina (40:50.318)

Sarah Simone (40:52.803)
Don't be afraid. Yeah, like I've got the protection. This alligator is protecting you. Yeah. And maybe it is you. That was weird. As well.

Jina (40:59.022)
Yeah. Yeah.

Jina (41:03.758)
I think that sometimes, I really do think that sometimes in our dreams, the dream is more about us and we can inhabit every part of that dream to figure out more, even if it is like, I'm trapped inside a house. It's like, be the house. What's the house thinking? You know, because a lot of times we can feel like threatened because we've been like culturally conditioned to feel threatened by an alligator. It's very good move, you know.

Sarah Simone (41:17.347)

Sarah Simone (41:31.043)
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Jina (41:32.398)
But like in a dream space, obviously, like you're probably not gonna get eaten by an alligator in that space. So to be able to get in there. And so that's interesting to me. And if you were my client, I would encourage you to every time you have a dream about an alligator would be to be the alligator. When you wake up, be the alligator and just see what is this alligator trying to do? What is it trying to tell me? How does it feel? What's the message from this alligator? That can be huge.

Sarah Simone (41:35.939)

Jina (42:01.966)
If you were to, if I were betting or had to be like, what's going on here? I would assume the alligator is a spirit guide of yours, whether that's their shape or they're just taking on that shape for whatever reason to get to you to pay attention or to get your attention or whatever. Yeah.

Sarah Simone (42:10.019)

Sarah Simone (42:14.083)

Sarah Simone (42:17.507)
Huh. That's so cool. So cool. So something that happened right there, I wanted to talk about a little bit is that this is very hard for a person of who's type A, right, to go with that first thing that comes to your mind. And I have to say that like, if you're going to do any work like this, you have to just trust the process. There was so much letting go.

Jina (42:20.718)

Sarah Simone (42:40.995)
because I was like, I wonder if she'll do it. But of course Sarah will do it, because that like works for her. Like that's her personality. Like she's really good at going like that. But it was so much work for me. It was so hard. I had to really think through. Like I wanted to be like, before I had like become completely like, you know, not hypnotized, well, I guess it is hypnotized, but you know what I mean. I wanted to be like, is that the right thing to say? You know what I mean? And you kept saying to me, just say whatever comes to your mind, just keep going with it. And so if you go down this path and you're someone who's an over thinker,

Jina (42:59.63)

Sarah Simone (43:10.851)
you really have to start to trust yourself and just go with whatever comes out of your mouth. And that is the weirdest thing of all of it. Not the past lives, not any of that. For me, it was saying to you the thing that came out of my mouth first. Cause I was like, it'll come out. And I'm like, that was so weird. I think I should take it back. You know what I mean? But like you have to go with it. And if you don't go with it, then it really just, it won't work in a sense, you know? So you have to trust.

Jina (43:20.046)

Jina (43:32.334)

Sarah Simone (43:39.779)
the process and yourself. From my experience at least. I don't know, watching you, that was cool too.

Jina (43:42.062)
Yeah, you know, Amy, you bring up such a good point because it is a point and it is a thing that some people need to like really focus on that letting go. And if someone is listening and they're like, oh, that's me. If you listen to episode three of Past Lives in the Divine, it's called Anatomy of a Past Life Regression. Understanding how this session unfolds can alleviate a lot of stress of like what's going to happen.

Jina (44:10.99)
Because when we're like, what's going to happen and we're stressed, we want to control. And that's, you can't do that. These sessions. And as a facilitator, I'm trained and I now have a hypnotic arts training and I train facilitators to understand when a client is being quote, too analytical, um, and to encourage them in many different ways to kind of release that. And it is actually, um,

Sarah Simone (44:29.635)

Jina (44:36.654)
You know, after the first past life memory scene, however you want to describe it, they, people get into it, you know? And I think it is just like you said, you start to relax into it. You start to feel like, okay, the story is moving. I can trust what's coming to mind. And even in a time where you say like, I one time was the client and the facilitator, the hypnotist asked like, where are you? And I said, Oh, I think I'm in Ireland. And then later on.

Sarah Simone (44:40.995)

Sarah Simone (44:47.651)

Jina (45:05.646)
after the session, I was like, I think I was in France. And it's like, that doesn't really matter. Like, it's not really a part of the healing journey. And so I find that if people get a detail quote wrong, that it doesn't matter or we figure it out later, you know?

Sarah Simone (45:08.995)

Sarah Simone (45:21.795)
And it's okay to say I don't know because you move it along or you say nothing. Like sometimes I was like nothing or I don't know. And I think that's also a scary thing to say and just trusting the facilitator, you know, that they're going to move the story along. They're going to say ask you another question. So it's okay to say, well, nothing, I don't see nothing. No one's here. Or I don't know. I don't remember. But something to that nature.

Jina (45:39.47)

Jina (45:46.958)
Okay. You bring up a really good point because I think, Oh God, I love that point of view, Amy. Thank you for saying that because it is something that people will say, like, I don't know or nothing's coming. And as the facilitator, sometimes I will say, but you do know, just wait. And sometimes it is just like a, you're not getting the information, so let's move on. And it really is like you-

Sarah Simone (46:03.203)

Jina (46:11.726)
It's like rely on the facilitator to make that call, but like voice, how you're feeling I think is, is a part of the process too, which that's a whole other layer. Yeah. Yeah. No, you like your, your example was so good though. Um, because that is something that I feel like people kind of get like, can I say this? Yeah.

Sarah Simone (46:13.667)
Yes. Yes, that's what I was trying to say. I didn't say it well.

Sarah Simone (46:31.715)
So I think this is really great for people who don't trust themselves, because it's gonna help them to get to a point to trust their gut, trust their intuition, trust what's coming out of their consciousness or subconsciousness, and to be able to speak it out loud. I mean, opening up that third eye and your throat chakra kind of at once, and the crown, it's like, you're kind of heading that all of the spiritual realm of your chakras and letting them kind of blow wide open. That's a pretty amazing gift to have in 90 minutes.

Jina (46:54.67)

Jina (46:59.406)

Sarah Simone (47:01.923)
Session. Yeah, it really is.

Jina (47:03.31)
Yeah, completely. And I think that self-trust thing that you, that you both mentioned is huge. And it is like a big piece that comes up a lot with people, especially when people are like, uh, I want to quit my job, but I don't know what, or this big decision, or I'm at a fork in the road and I don't know what to do instead of like, sometimes it'll be like, this is the path and you know it, you're just afraid, but most often it's like, it doesn't matter. You're on your path. If you're breathing and in this world. Um,

Sarah Simone (47:29.091)
Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Jina (47:32.718)
And so just really what comes out of those sessions is like this overwhelming self-trust and that is really cool. Cause it's like, we don't, if you don't have trust in yourself, it's hard to even cultivate that, um, and a lot of times we'll turn externally for that validation, but if you can go into a past life, for example, and experience a life where you felt self-trust and you operated that way and it wasn't a big deal and it was just automatic, it's like to feel that in your body will change your life when you come out.

Sarah Simone (47:37.571)

Sarah Simone (48:02.307)
So we're almost at our hour, but, and we will close appropriately, but can you please tell me a little bit about the red planet? Because my, like, just my son talks about lives on other planets all the time. Especially when he was younger, he tells me about his lives and all of these other places. And the biggest thing he says is that there's so much more fun than here.

Jina (48:12.334)

Jina (48:15.79)
Okay, so.

Sarah Simone (48:32.451)
He's like, you just don't know. He's like, it's just so much more fun everywhere but here. And I was like, well, what are they like? And he always be like, it's so hard to explain. You wouldn't understand the words. Anyways, so I'm fascinated with lives on other planets and other realms, all of those things.

Jina (48:49.134)
So first what I want to say is I think that kids are so connected and I would be just out of sheer curiosity. I would be like recording him talking, writing it down. Like oh my god!

Sarah Simone (48:55.907)

Sarah Simone (49:03.043)
Yes, I do. I record. I know he tells it's stopped as he's gotten older, but he's told me about at least three different lives. And they're fascinating. Those were on earth and then the other ones were on other planets. And it's just really interesting because of his perspective and their words and things that he's never had access to or wouldn't have known. And so, and if I asked too many questions, he always goes, you just wouldn't understand.

Sarah Simone (49:29.699)
So then he'll go be like, oh, also today on the playground and he'll just like snap out of it. It's the wildest thing. I think he's like back to being six. He's back to being, yeah, he's back to being a kid. But like for a minute I was like, wait, what do you mean it's more fun everywhere else and earth is the hardest. He kept talking about how earth is the hardest place to live.

Jina (49:41.55)
Boring playground stories.

Jina (49:54.03)
Yeah, okay. So I have heard that it's very dense here. And I mean, I think humans are really struggling right now. So I mean, as we can sense mass shootings being just one of the many issues in this country. So the red planet came in, in a past life, I think maybe like three years ago, and I just like couldn't even believe that I was on a different planet.

Sarah Simone (50:05.411)

Sarah Simone (50:10.371)

Jina (50:22.734)
like in the trans space. I was like, thank God this is like 30 something past life regression, because I would not believe this if it wasn't. You know, we get what we need when we're ready. And in that life, it's like, it's almost like this legacy that I lived on that life where people were, I don't, I'm not into Star Wars or Star Trek or anything like that, but it was like we were taking

Sarah Simone (50:23.459)

Jina (50:50.67)
dirt from that planet and testing it to see like, what could we do with this planet? Whether we're like harvesting things or I was actually a part in one of my lives of like setting up essentially what is like this mass healing place on this one planet. And the lives are, I always feel incredibly healthy, balanced mentally. And just like,

Jina (51:18.254)
confident and free in those lives. So there's like this little place in my heart that just really likes those. But I've talked about them on the podcast and the most recent one I was on, I went in to just really kind of dig into like, what is this fear of heights that I have? Cause it's not necessarily the height and looking down. It's like, when I get high, I literally feel like I'm gonna high on like a road or something. I feel like I'm going to like fall off the earth. And it's this.

Sarah Simone (51:20.387)

Jina (51:46.702)
completely illogical, but it's a bodily reaction. And I think there's a number of things going on with my body that's making it more intense right now, but I wanted to go in and see like, what can I find out from a past life? And that death scene was like epic. Like I essentially fell off that planet. Like I got out of the gravitational pull accidentally and like flew out. And that one, I don't remember the, yeah, it was intense. And my friend, Sarah, who we swap sessions with, she's a hypnotist too.

Sarah Simone (52:08.163)

Jina (52:15.822)
And she's the co-creator for my hypnotic arts training. Afterwards, she like texted me and she was like, holy moly, like you moved some energy. And it was like so much crying, so much weeping. And that one, I don't remember the exact number of the episode, but I believe it came out like in the last month or two, and it's called like fear of heights or examining my fear of heights or something like that. But yeah, it's, it was,

Jina (52:45.71)
It's wild. It's so crazy. I was working with Little Graze one time and they were like putting stuff in my body because they couldn't be on the planet, but I could. And so then when they came, they would take me and put me into their little ship on a table and they would take this thing out of my abdomen that they were testing. And I was freaking out like screaming like, ow, ow, ow. And then as soon as it was done, we all looked at each other and started laughing because they were just like,

Sarah Simone (52:46.579)

Sarah Simone (52:50.563)

Sarah Simone (52:54.627)
Oh my.

Jina (53:14.446)
You're so funny, like the way I would freak out, you know, you're taking something out of my abdomen. But it was just so funny. It was like this beautiful, like explosion of emotion. And then just like this love and laughter afterward, like, yeah, that's going to happen. And that to me is huge because I'm someone with very explosive emotions. It's always been an issue for everybody. And so to feel that love and acceptance and just like something deal, it's just you have a lot of emotion, but also.

Sarah Simone (53:27.299)

Jina (53:41.294)
you're this kind of human and you can be on this planet and we can't so thanks for helping us. So yeah, wild. Yeah.

Sarah Simone (53:45.443)
Wow. I love everything you just said because it just resonates so deeply with me. I am the same person, like so many emotions that are too much for a lot of people. And that just, I, yeah, I love that. Wow. I just been amazing. I'm so blown away. I haven't stopped smiling. I'm like, my body has just been in full body chills, like since we've started talking an hour ago. I want to encourage people who have any kind of skepticism to just really think about.

Jina (53:58.446)

Sarah Simone (54:15.427)
the healing that can come from something like this. And even if you don't believe that that's what's happening, believe that your brain is doing what it needs to do to heal and giving you the information that you need to hear and feel to get to the place that you need to be. So regardless of what you believe in what is happening in these sessions, there is healing to be found. And I am so excited. I cannot wait to get on your proverbial couch.

Jina (54:30.958)
God, yeah.

Sarah Simone (54:41.603)
and do my own past life regression with you. I can't wait. And my husband is doing one. He's gonna do it. It is like taking, and you know we're huge fans of therapy here, but it is like taking therapy and fast forwarding it. You know what I mean? Like it is like, it's like all, and there are times in our lives where we need that so much. We need to quickly get it. Like we need to know.

Sarah Simone (55:06.499)
or you just already you're at that point and I just I do I highly suggest it I am obviously like one of the biggest skeptics of not I'm a one on the enneagram I can't let go and I was able to make this work. And I think everyone can. But I mean, I also I'm a little biased. I think Gina is pretty incredible. Like she's just such a good guide and facilitator. A lot. This is going to be a question I'm sure we get. So I just want to address it. Yes, it was over zoom. And yes, it still works.

Jina (55:19.662)
I love that.

Jina (55:26.254)
Oh my gosh.

Sarah Simone (55:36.227)
I don't, you just don't, I do my mediumship over Zoom. I do this over Zoom. Though the spirit realm is bigger than, you know, you don't need to be in the same room. I promise you it still works. So be sure to check out her podcast. You wanna give us the title?

Jina (55:36.718)

Jina (55:52.846)
Yeah, the podcast is Past Lives and the Divine and the website is Yeah.

Sarah Simone (55:56.387)
We will put those in our show notes. Yes, be sure to listen in all of the episodes that she shared with us and let us know where you can hear more information on each of those. Do you have a Patreon or anything like that where we can have people follow or an Instagram or?

Jina (56:11.47)

Jina (56:17.006)
Um, I have, yes, I have Instagram hits, past lives dot tour guide, and I'm on YouTube, but I'm just sharing my podcast episodes on YouTube. So same thing, past lives tour guide on YouTube. If you'd rather listen to a podcast on YouTube.

Sarah Simone (56:31.747)
Okay, that's incredible. Thank you so much, Gina. Thank you. It really was. Yay! Oh, yay! Yes, I love to hear that. Oh my gosh. Seriously, amazing interview. We really appreciate you. Thank you.

Jina (56:33.902)
Thank you so much. This was so fun. I'll come back anytime.

Jina (56:45.454)
Oh my gosh, I'm so glad we finally got to talk. Yeah, oh my God. Yeah, lovely.

Sarah Simone (56:47.875)
Yes, me too. Me too. Me too. All right, I'm going to hit stop and then we can.


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